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The dark days


21 November

Bonjour !
Comment allez-vous?
Oh trés bien...Mercí.!

Hi there
Jace here!!

Im just a normal (lies!!) Boy who loves life , happyness and laughter.
English is my first tongue, spanish my second and french my third.
I love books, quotes, poem's .
Im currently studying psychology.
And I know one day I will be a big best selling author! And I wont stop trying to obtain what I want and give all I have for the world! I will fight till the day I die!!
I have a world in my head,
A world that will be known on print And paper only...
Im working on lots of projects who will be released in a near future...
Here on live journal ill be posting a story nobody knows for all you mortal instruments and infenal devices fan...
The story and characters are mine but the world (shadowhunter world ) bwlongs to cassandra clare and no infrigment to rights intended just giving the world a taste of my mind in a good way !=))

I dont believe in superiors...I believe that here on earth there is no one better then another just that one or another simply might have more experience then others.!!
I believe we are equal no matter how good or how evill one might be...

Commet on everything I comment back! Every single time!! I promise!

Favorite quotes

Some are born great, some achive greatness,
And some have greatness thrust upon them
-william shakespear.

There is no greater sorrow than to recall momments of happiness at times of myseri .
- dante <3

If you dont like something, change it,
If you cant change it , change youe attitude.
-maya angelou!

Pour vivre heureux, vivans cache ( to live happy , live hidden)
(Dont know who said it)

Let go and let god!

Listen to many,
speek to a few ,
Trust no one.
- william shakespear

Its up to you to make new , better memories to fade those that hount you!
- jason cruz!