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chapter 1








"The history of PR is… a history of a battle for what is reality and how people will see and understand reality."
- Stuart Ewen




boston, logan airport.
july 5 , 2013




   "Can I go sit down?" said ashley with a bit of irritation."my feet are killing me, we've been standing for hours, and this line has moved nothing but an inch." david looked down at her , his green eyes blazing in amusement but said nothing.
   "I'm hungry and sleepy"she said gesturing with annoyance at the people at line in front of them waiting to have their luggages checked in." and these people dont move!"
   "lighten up honey , we're on our way to 'La isla del encanto.'" said David with his smooth voice. He went on. " I haven't been there in ages, its very lovely you know ' the fresh air, the sandy beaches, el moro, las quenepas de ponce- '"
   "the sexy shirtless men" she interrupted. David stared at her in disbelief as embarrassment washed over her , flushing her cheeks."because of the heat ,i mean, that's why their shirtless . Its burning in 'Puerto Rico'"ashley said nervously.
   David spoke awkwardly. "darling , so where is this friend of yours ? Why hasn't he arrived yet? Alex is it?
   " Ashton , his name is Ashton , and that's why I want to sit down. He hasn't called me and our flight leaves in an hour."
   " I thought you wanted to sit because you were tired and hungry,wasn't it ?"
   " Dad!"
   " ok" he said " you may sit , but dont speak to any strangers"
   " have you forgotten? " said ashely " im seventeen"
David ignored her comment.
   " do you not think its weird? I have laid eyes on him not once , in all your years of  friendship ."
   " he's a very busy teenager."
   " I don't think so."david said.
" dad you'll meet him soon enough, he should be here any minute now."
   " he's not here yet."
   " stop! , please stop."
   " all I'm saying is that its very rare for parents not to know their child's bestfriend."
   " I have to pee."
David laughed and shook his head. " then go use the ladies room."
   "ok" ashley said happily ."but keep an eye out for ashton "
   " I don't know him darling" he said with no emotion .
   " tall , blond hair, purple eyes, beautiful face." she said gleaming as she walked away." watch for him ok."
David looked as if his mind were lost in the past, the kinda look he got when she asked him about her mother; but this was slightly different ,- a mix of horror and something else -as if he had seen a ghost.
A scary ghost.
   " dad?"  Ashley called out to her father. " what's wrong?"
he gasped for air , he hadn't noticed he had stopped breathing momentarily. "n-nothing honey just remembered I have the worst fear of heights."he said.
   " oh you scared the sh-"she froze.  " you frighten me David. Keep a lookout for Ashton will ya" she said backing away.
   "I will. and  his beautiful face was a very bad description"he said as she disappeared between the crowd " no   strangers" he added rapidly.




                           .  .  .
The restrooms are surprisingly neat, very bright light, the floor and the big oval sinks were  the same pale blue polished marble , and the  mirrors wide in front of her gave of her reflection. She stepped away to see her full frontal figure. She wore her favorite new black leather boots , with a strapless black dress tight around her torso and  fluffy from her waist above her knees showing a little of her  pale thighs. her nails painted a light pink and so were her lips. her hair a curly light brown water fall down to the middle of her back, her eyes wide and Hazel. She told herself "he doesn't like me, but he will now "
   " you're very beautiful" said a voice startling  her out of her self-administration.
  there was a woman standing beside her also looking into the mirrors. Ashley turned  to face the lady , she didn't look much older than herself, but there was something about the way her eyes move, something in her voice and poster that made Ashley think she was much more older than what she looked. Her black hair long and straight down to the back of her legs , her skin white , and  light brown eyes which regarded Ashley. She wasn't much taller than herself.
  "thank you" ashley said with a smile, then frowned .  her heart fell. The woman's skin seem to peel off showing what looked like snake skin  beneath.  her pupils grew to a thin line in the middle of her iris.
  Ashley weeped and stumbled backwards flattening her back against the cold wall behind her, but was too scared to put away.
   " get away!" she said with a cry.
   " I do not mean any harm a child, I have come to warn you . your life and abilities are in danger. and so is 'Elpidios'" said the creature.
it went on " I have no more time to spare child, I must go and you must come with me" it's spring forward arms outstretched.
   " stop! , please leave me alone!" ashley said screaming. and pushed out her arms hoping that the creature would stop its movement.
  She felt a sensation like wind come down from her head trough her arm and out her fingers. Her arms flew and hit the walls hard , pain ran up her arms while collapsed to the ground.  all she heard was shatterd glass, the creature yelling, footsteps and a voice. "  mam are you alright "
She opened her eyes, a janitor in his gray uniform had bent to help her up.
  Ashley stood and saw that the mirrors had been broken  and scattered all around the floor shinning like  glitter.
   " what happened?"she asked.
   " you" he pointed at her.
   " me?"
   " yes ,you" he replied


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jace alexander from: jai cruz

I am soooo excited for you..your creativity is amazing and has no limits.. Your detetmination has awaken the intellectual writing side of me..you definitely have your own writing style..cant wait for your next chapter..
And put me as a charectar in one of your books!!!!!!!! Lol
So proud of you..reach for the stars!!!

Re: jace alexander from: jai cruz

Thank you...jocelyn, im glad you enjoyed...
You have gave me a huge Idea ...
Keep in touch ...
This is really good!!!
Thank you!!
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It's good little bro....lemme keep reading
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I liked your style. You've createad nice characters. Thank you for posting.