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Series: The dark days... (lost)

17 year old Ashley  finds herself roming the streets of Puerto Rico with her bestfriend Ashton. shortly after her father-David- goes missing , she meets a world she knew not exsisted and dicovers that her so called "vacation" was never really one but a "plan" but a plan by who?.
downworlders- vampires , worlocks,  werewolfs, faries - in a hunt to obtain her powers. Sheltered within the San Juan institute, where newly found friends (shadowhunter-worriors who rid the world of the existence of demons) and lover victor help to uncover the truth begind the fog of evil , blocking there view -of  the bad around them- of the truth and secrets to what ashley is and  how and why she has the abilities she has...
fighting to see whats right and learning to wield her gifts at will.
will she see the light?.


love, lost , hate , greed, and twists and turns...
coming soon!!


comment Plz!! =)))
this is just a preview .
the story is yet to come.

** NOTE: shadowhunters belong to cassandra clare!...**


I liked it!
Sounds really interesting!
Thank you! =)
Really! =)))
Oh my god is soo intriging i love it ... Is like i whant to keep reading it
Thank you !!=)))

You have a great idea and from what I can see great development, but you need a little more help with your grammar! :) It's a great story though :P
I know, sorry about that.
And thank you very much ...=)
^o ^ more like thank mila for sending this link to me :P
seems intresting and nice :D I'm waiting for the 1st chapter (n_n)
good luck, give it your best ;)
Thank you , and i wiill =))) ...
you're welcome ;)


I really loved ur story & i hope u write more of it, u got me interested till the end lol