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This chapter will be posted in two parts i couldnt find a way to divide it in three..
I mean I could have devided it , I just didnt want to cut out the love...or ation...;-}
I just couldnt...




Chapter 2










The truth is incontrovertible.
malice may attack it , ignorance my deride it, but at the end its there.
-Winston churchill






The ride to her parents old house was a very long one. she felt every minute , every second, every breath she took, the blood running trough her veins , even that.
She occasionally felt the urge to scream , open the car door and leep out on to the moving pavement,- everytime the wind threatened to push off her bun of curly hair, -but she knew that was extreme, so she remaind seated calmly trusting together her knuckles over and over and over.
Ashley pictured this moment millions of times.
she seen herself smiling , looking at her cloths and make-up in the mirrors, then he would stop by her house knock on the front door- with the most lovely rhythm- her father would open and she'd come running down the stairs and land in his arms , her father would give them a little talk and say "you kids have fun, but no strangers , OK!." her and ashton would take a ride around the city , eat  at a nice restaurant  where they give free ice cream and limitless refills for their drinks , watch a comedy/drama movie, and later that night park somewhere under the stars , embraceing  eachothers body and kissing -good god- kissing ferociously and he'd pull away from her and say " Ashley watkins, I love you, I always have, you are the only girl for me , if you dont love me ,I just might as well die. I am nothing without you ,you are my one and only true love."  then she would smooth her fingertips over his fine mouth and look at her own relection in his purple eyes blazing with lust for her and kiss him till twilight.
now she could hardly breath as if her lungs were punctured paper bags.
This was her first date with Ashton , a real date, not a date between friends , a date between two as one.
atleast she thought I was a date a actual date, there was something in his voice that gave her the idea-the perfect idea- of a date...
  she wondered now,
where is he taking her?
what will he say?
what will he wear?
even what he would smelled of.
This had to be perfect.
    "Ashley is something wrong,"david said concerned " you seem sick."
    " just nervous, thats all. do you know how long I have been waiting for this to happen?"
  he was about to ask her " what to happen" she knew but he seem to change thought." dont be honey , what can possibly go wrong."
    "he could die before picking me up!"
    "that is like saying the sky is falling-" he opend his eyes wide "literally falling."
    " I know , im just -, I dont know , just forget it."
he pulled up.
    "why are we stoping?"she said.
he looked at her , then begind her and pointed at the window."we're here ". he said with a faint smile while unbuckling his seat belt and snatching the key from its ignition.
    "we're wh-"she looked away from her father and out her window and back fast. " oh, we're here at your house."
    "our house."
he opened his door and sped over and opened ashleys. her muscles tight and tired for being seated for so long, she noticed the sun had began its decent, the sky a mix of red ,orange, blue, pale blue and white. she stood at a corner,before her a tiny litle house in awful conditions -as if a tornado hit only that house-it was painted white -dirty white- some of the windows had been torn out of place the size if the house seemed only big enough for a room. fences white and chiped - falling to bits -
around the house dividing the house from the sidewalk. between the house and the fence stood tall grass -very green -which made the house look even smaller.
it looked horrible.
    "come again?" she steped back. " we're staying where ? I know its not there. I am not going in there!"
she said firmly and look straight to her fathers eyes .
    "honey,"he said taping at his temples. " look again."
  she did as told. the property had changed dramatically. like taking peaces of colored clay and collide them against a white one. the fences where now large and painted gold, even with the sun leaving they shinned very bright, -ashley wondered if it was actually made of gold- that opened out to a short cobblestone road that ended at a two step stair case and right above it the front door, on either sides of the cobblestone road the grass was cut down very low. the house was made of silver bricks, gleaming like exploding stars .
is was very nice , but it didnt seem to fit in with the other houses. David grabbed at her arm her arm to guide her toward the entrance, she let him lead her. the gate doors seemed to open as they aproched and they were half up the cobblestone when she heard the gates squeeze shut behind them. they reached the front door, it didnt have a knob to turn. Ashley was deeply confused as her father glided his hand before them and the door , I just seemed to open ,no click , it just opened. he fell in trough, and she followed.
the interior was dimly lit , she found herself in her fathers arms , when she somehow had tripped. david snaped and the nights turned on.
she saw that ahe hadn't tripped ,she had fell there were two steps down to a wide living room-leather coaches sorounded a strong wood table- after that was a very high counter with high stools then the kitchen.  to her right she saw the dinning room , a glass table in its center and beside it, long windows with curtains that hung heavy and seemed impossible to move and between all that a corridor that faded to darkness.
very fancy.she wonder how much did her parents waste on this house, and why didnt it have spider webs all around like abandoned or unoccupied houses woukd get.
    "no , you weren't born anywhere in this area."
    " I wasn't thinking about that."ashley said. " but thank you." she shivered.
    "your cold?"
  she shook her head " its freezing in here."
    " its already dark outside. it gets windy out here. we are like a minute or two away from the beach."
    "thats cool."
    "your hungry right?
    "not right now those chips they gave me on flight held my hunger back a little." she waved a finger in the air. " but I will be!" she didnt want him to think he was getting away without cooking for her. if there was something she loved , it was food. but even more then the food, she loved eating it .
he laughed loudly " be right back "he turned away "ill get the bags, wonder around , this is your birth place."
    "will you stop"she said annoyed. " its creepy. "
    " stop what honey?"he sounded worried
    " with the birth thing!"
  he laughed even harder and vanished trough the front door.
  The couches were provoking her to sit -they looked extremely comfortable, and strangely soft, they seemed perfect for her to lay still and focus on her music- but she found herself walking toward the corridor and hit at its dead end -doors all around her, there were three in total, one on her left, one to the right and one straight ahead- she opened the door to her left . it was the bathroom painted in different tones of green, ashley shut the door, then opened the one to her right, it was a bedroom - a wide bedroom-, the pink walls , pale green frogs a calcimine of green up and down the walls. a bed dressed in pink and purple polka dots , with furry and non-furry pillows. the sight gave her flashbacks. imiges flashing behing her eyes.
   A woman screaming , babys crying, a little girl walking in a room painted half blue half pink  with two cribs against  the walls , a light, white fethers, two necklaces , the darkness , then black bonney feathers, evil purple eyes , a boy being wiped hard on the back with a thin chain, a little girl wakes curly hair fuzzy sobbing and holding her back in pain, a man soothing the child whispering "its ok darling , it was just a dream , honey its fine."
  this was her childhood room.
She swallowed hard and turned to the last door and brought it open.
   This room was even bigger then the last. the wall painted burgandy , a bed in the middle on the room horizontally , facing its feet was a book shelf full if them, to the beds left a desk , which had a neatly placed photograph on its top. she stalked across and seezed it.
   Ashley held the photo up at eye level and grabed at her aching heart. she closed her eyes, and felt her body unsteady, tillting from side to side. she had to have a seat. the picture displayed a woman - very young woman- sour features, long black hair , fine lips and cristalic brown eyes.This was her mother at display.she couldnt help to fell angry at her.
   she felt a hand touch her shoulder , and heard a sound, like a bird on a rampage, wind rushing down her torso. she looked around and saw no one. she didnt know what possessed her but before she could stop herself she was already reaching for a book  on its shelf infront of her. The book was hot to the grip. she ran from the room and sat casually one the bed of her old room hid the book under a dotted pillow and slamed a furry one on her lap and mimicked using her phone just as her father covered the mark of the door with his big size.
    " honey your bags are here."he said gesting at the luggage at his feet." unpack,  ill be back in less then half an hour ,we need food. and that book you took dont read it aloud." he turned around and stoped just to say " and say hi to ashton for me "
  she was having that feeling  again , that feeling she got when she did something she now was wronh but did it anyway. like skipping school and going bowling with ashton and some other friends. it was strange how he seemed to know everything.she wondered if he could somehow access her toughts.




Her father was back, like he said in leas then half an hour. he readied dinner , set the table and they ate. David would try to conversate with ashley but she remaind speachless, from her earlier embarrassment she hoped never to speek again.she returned to her room when done with her plate , and like always ,at perfect timing her phone came alive. it was ashton they texted for hours now.in fact the beach next to her old house. her father had cleaned himself up  and lay on his bed flat on his back , she couldnt blame him, it was really late for him, it was 1:00am not that late for ashley but for her father who would snooze off early it was late. she would go over and over what had happen, how had she taken that book? she didnt recall taking it. her long conversation with her friend ended. Ashley knew now that he was taking her to the beach next to where she was now ."dorado beach" her father had called it.
   Ashley thought "I stole that stupid book , i might as well read it, know what its about." she lifted her pillow , the book lay still were she abandoned it. she hadn't hat the change to look at it. it was colored blue satin slightly stained with gray at its verges. the book looked to soft but felt to metalic. her hands burned like if the book was made of heat.it was a very strange sight. its fragile cover and its rocky feel didnt seem to collide. even with its heavy weight ashley thought if she turned her open palm around the book would not hit the ground. she opened it. the pages were a veneer so thin ashley thought would break juat by looking at them. the proceed to the middle of the book. her eyes brunt,  she knew emediatly the book was in another language. she recognized a word a latin word from the time she had gone mad about learning latin "Evanesces" it ment disappear. something snapped in her brain and she looked away. she felt tired and disided to shower and finaly go to sleep.
   she stumbled off her bed and out toward the bathroom. her father had fliped over and was now flat on his belly  one of his arms awkwardly downward and the other pillowing his head , like always he never seemed to use use pillows. unlike herself she was very picky with her pillows they had to bed big and fluffy for her to even think to lay her head on them , if not she wouldnt even bother.
  She turn on the water, let her curly bun loose and steped in the tub, hoping that the water would wash over her bare skin and take with it her nerves and anxiousness. to her soprise her mouth opened and words skipped trough-she wasn't the type to sing while bathing- the letters came out melodic , its lovely rhythm bounced of the wall and pierced her skin and she felt joy. she couldn't guees if the happiness came because her voice sounding so angelic or because she was speaking latin, if it weren't for her little knowledge of latin she would have thought she was just making a melogy with ramdom sounds. then came a knock at the door so firm that ashley jerked her body back flat on the wall. " I said no reading aloud!"
    "sorry ."she said covering her naked body with the curtains as if her father could she right trough the door.








  There was a young woman walking down a street with a baby boy at hand. black wings flying after her.
the woman starts running. the wings flap faster leaving a trail of smokey black feathers. she ran in a house- a grey brick house gleaming like glitter in the moon light-and shut the door in her  wake. she was in a burgundu room gathering some things , and held up a neckeless black oval, with its center white and crystalic.the front door fell hard to the floor as a tall , thick  man stalked in , face hidden in the shadows of the night, wings stabbed out his back, purple eyes floating in the darkness.the man lifted a hand and as blue lightning escaped from his fingers, the ladie screamed.






Ashley woke breathless , with tear fogging her vision. she silently walked over to the kitchen served herself a cup of water and then back in the room she closed her eyes.












  Ashley saw herself running -the moon so close she suspected if she reach out she'd  touch it- she tripped scraping her knees and palms on the pavement . the man prosecuting her grabed her with a tweak, then veer into the cool night air, as she screamed at him. " let me go! please!"








  The next day she woke at 5:00 due to the fact the she was having troble sleeping. it was nearly 7:00 and ashley was ready for her outing with ashton. she had informed her father about where they would be going, and readied a small bag with her bathing suit and sunblock. she thought my wear my pritties outfit if she'd dirty it with sand and sweet.
  now she wore light blue shorts showing almost all her bright thighs, black leather boots and a light white shirt that hung loose on her bare shoulder and displayed the word "Love" in rashid pink letters. her nails and lips were the same pink of the day before and she had straightened her hair dispite the fact she was 100% sure ashton would wet it.
David had just entered to the bathroom for his afternoon shower. when ashton appeared at her house.she told her father ashton was here now and she heard his voice echo trough the crack under the door "just one moment , ill be out in a minute."
Ashley hopped in his car , she had gone completely blind. she didnt even care to look up and down the sidewalk or even the car she was getting in. he was seated in the drives seat. A brown mucle shirt , beige short showing his knees, smooth  long hair as always, and his oval neckless steady between his  chest muscles. she didnt want to look at his shoes because he might think she was looking at something else. there was something off about him , she let believe it was his purple eyes and his brown shirt , they didnt seem to go at hand.
    "when are you ever going to stop wearing muscle shirts windly."she said animatedly
    "when you stop using pink lipstick." he said waving a finger in her difrection.
    "oh ok ! its like that  then!"she appalled.
    "talking about lipstick , come here you have something there, he placed his hand on her neck and brought her closer, heat rose from her heart and trought her body in sparks as his soft lips pressured against her mouth  and her hands danced over his body.

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