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   it wasnt very long for them to get up from their seats, out the plane and proceed to baggage claim, where it was cluttered. Ashleys eyes stung, it was extremely bright out here as if the sun were in the same room.
   she stood in long room, people all around some she recognized from her flight , others brought no recollection. on one side of the room crystal clear glass from heaven to hell, bearing the world out side the airport. people. family members ashley suspected -who were waiting anxiously to embrace their loved ones - outside the glass looked like cute little puppies in a pet shop waiting to be adopted. behind them were trees -plam trees she guessed- and plants that moved back and fro with a force that frightened her and after all that ,the road -even brighter- cars drove by looking trough their windows thoughtfull. heat . Ashley observed with shock ,heat rose from the pavement like smoke.
   Ashley turned to face the crowd.among all the people -waiting for their luggages to burst out of the hole in the wall attached to the panels-she saw a flash of purple and blond but pushed the thought away .
  it couldn't have been him. Ashton was suppose to take the next flight , It would be impossible for him to have arrived at ashleys same timing.
    " is something wrong ?" david said concerned. 
    she shook her head and opened her mouth to speak , but was unable to say a word. a beeping sound stabbed at her ears and a red light above the holes flickered on and off while the panels moved smoothly.
   david stared at her." wait here , ill get the bags."
he stood up and froze
    " wait!" she said  " I need money."
    " money?" he replied " for what?"
    " im thirsty, I want a soda." 
he produced a wallet from his back poket wiped out a five dollar bill and handed it over to her ." I done have dollar bills ," he hid his wallet."and no strangers!" turned and sprang away leaving ashley to stare behind him.
   His shirt tight around his biceps ,shoulders and back. his light blue jeans marking this strong legs. his hair seemed to have darkened from light blond to almost brown she found that wierd but not wierd enough.  what father still wears skinny jeans? she thought but had to admit her father was a very handsome man, a manly man , she could never understand  why a man so fit , so beautiful,  look so young and not have a woman by his side.
   in fact he looked so young that girls that she did not know - who where also around her same age- would come up to her and say " your boy friend is sexy." and ashley would reply "  sicko thats my father , ya nasty." but she could not blame them ,he looked about 18 , or even 19 but not over 20. if they only  knew he was 48 years old, or so he said, she always suspected that he was lieing to her and was troughly younger, but the way he spoke to her and other adults maid her know he was not young at all..
   she stood up , searched around , found a cart near by, and before she spoke for her soda, someone covered her eyes ." dad?" he emediatly felt stupid . her father doesn't do thing of the manner.she clapped her hands to the ones covering her and felt. she knew whos hands they were before he spoke. strong, thin , and very long fingers.
    "surprise!"he said . his voice as lovely as always. her heart slaming against her chest and she wondered if he could hear it.
    "ashton?" she said as his hands fell from face and turned around. " ashton !" she landed on him. his familiar arms wrapped around her strong and delicate. she felt his muscles on her , blood rushed up to her face and hoped he couldnt see her blush.
  he was much more taller then her, her forehead would reach up to his mouth and he had a broad figure compared to her thin one. he pulled away, leaned foward and kissed her on the cheek. he looked at her ,his eyes glittering up and down her body
    " wow ! how sexy!" 
   her dress tightened around her chest as she drew in a deep breath.her body was on fire.
    "oh , your just saying that because your my friend, but thanks for the lie."
she regarded him and took him all in. he wore a pink mucle shirt bearing his arms, light blue skinny jeans, grey vans and the necklace  ashley never saw him without-(oval shaped , black and at its center white the color seemed to be covered with light.)-then she was looking at his face , that beautiful face , the face that was always pounding at her brain like a fresh bloody wound being injured constantly. thin lips ,his eyes purple, like millions of broken diamonds sunk in  light purple paint, his pale blonde hair in a shower around his head just above his shoulders.
   he shook his head. " no , really, I mean it . you look just as beautiful today as everyday." he said smirking.
    " what! " she appalled." I do not  look the same everyday." she said in a matter-o-fact tone.
    " I didnt mean that, " he said shaking his head so hard he made his hair bounce. " I meant you are always beautiful."
  she felt herself blush again .she suspected she was as red as a tomato. " how did you get here, now  I mean. you where supposed to take the next flight."
    " I did take the next flight."
    " but how d- " she froze in half sentence.
     " I see your wearing that perfume I bought you." he sniffed. " I smell I mean."
    " yes I am ." she said . " my dads crazy to met you "
    " really" he said sounding  entertained. " he should already know who I am."he said with a tone that stun ashley , his eyes seemed to flood with darkness but it was gone to soon.
    " are you ok?" he said
    " yeah, I think my dads waiting for me ."
    " then go."
    " Im going , but first.I came to get something to drink."
   "what do you wish?" 
    " a Coca-cola."
  he tuned to the cart ,took several steps foward brought out his wallet opend it showing tun of green paper and stole a 20 dollar bill .
     " dame una Coca-Cola y una botella de agua si me haces el favor." and handed the money to the man.
    "la Coca-Cola ? lata o botella?" said the man.
  at that ashton turned to  ashley. " bottle or can?" he asked
    "bottle." she hated cans .
    " botella " he told the man and handed him what he had asked for .
  he handed over the Coca-Cola to ashley and sank his wallet away with his change.
    " I didnt know you spoke spanish, rich boy."
    " there're lots of things you dont know about me, but you will."
    " ok , mysterious. "
  he laughed.
    "come my dads over here." and begun to walk backward.
    " i have to get my luggage and pick up the car I rented."
    " baggage claim is over here, windly."she gestured behind her.
    " different airline, watkins." he said and spun on his heel and just left.
no 'good-bye.'
no 'see you later.'
no 'ill call you later.'
no nothing.
    " thanks for the soda ." she yelled but he didnt seem to hear and if he did he clearly ignored her.
  "what is it with these men , they just walk away from me like that!" she thought.
















  it took them an hour or so for the workers at the car rental to ready their car but only a minute or two to load up with their luggage and hit the road .
she wasnt familiar with the brightness , which made her blink more than usuall.
Puerto Rico is beautiful she thought .
the trees , the plants planted almost everywhere . she expected the houses to look pore , made of wood and falling apart. they weren't .they were strong and made is sement. she occasionally saw woman with very exposive cloths but not any men. that disappointed her badly..
  the windows  were down , the wind pulling at her hair which she was forced to catch in a bun at the high of her head.
    " has alec arrived yet, we can go back and wait for him if you like, darling."
    " Ashton , dad his name is ashton " she said flatly." yes hes already here. we landed at the same time, I foun-
he found me when I was buying my soda."
    "thats weird."
    " I know."she said " apparently he chose a different airline at the last minute."
    "but where is he now."
    "dunno. he rented a car his family has a lot of money."
    " did he come alone?"
    " dunno, he said he was staying in a hotel , but not with who."
    he frowned. " do you have any pictures of him?"
    " of corse , why?"
    " show then to me."
    "sure. let me find a good one." she shook out her phone and scrolled trough her pictures.she found the perfect one . one that showed his face clearly. she stretched out her hand to show her father , when the phone rang.
it was him Ashton.
    " Ashley?"
    "yes. this is my phone number isn't it."
   he laughed. "I was wondering -"
    " wondering what?"
    " if you would like to go out ? just you and me have some some fun the two of us. I have sonething to tell you. actually I wanna ask you something."
  her hear skipped a beat." you mean," she coughed " a d- date, something like a date?."her voice spueaky.
    " yes watkins, like a date."
    " umm , sure , I mean I need my fathers approval first."
    " then ask him , ill call you later. wear your best outfit,  pritty girl." he hung up.
  she stared at the screen buzzing in red letters that read ' call ended'' her heart was beating fast.
    "what happened, honey?"
    " dad! its happening. "
    " what was that ?"
    " my first date with ashton, tomorrow."
    " but you have gone out plenty of time in the past."
    " yes but he said he had something to tell me. hes gonna tell me that he has always been in love with me .madly in love ,in fact .that im the woman of his dreams that he cant breath when in not near him," she paused and touched her neck " and kis-"
    " enough of that !"
    "can I go?"
    " he said he will pick you up?"
    "like always."
    "does he know where we're staying? did you tell him?
   "no dad I didnt. can I go."
   " why didnt you tell him where we're staying?"
    " are you seriously asking that?" she said."this is my first time in P.R."
     he shook his head." not you first time honey , you were born here."
    "where does he plan to take you?"
    " I dont- wait is that a yes!?"
  he nodded silently.
   where was it you said we where staying?"
    '" Dorado'" he said with the type of smile that disorted his beautifull features. "close to the beach."




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Really interesting!
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I liked the part when he hugged her... so sweet >_< <3

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