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David was sitting furiously,  waiting for their flight  to ready for it departure, infront large glass windows from the ceiling to the floor.  his jaw set, the muscles under his shirt contracting with anger and his blonde hair shinning with the raising sun.
   " I said im sorry. now can you stop with the face, your giving me goose bumps." said ashley.
   " what face?"
   " your angry,  I can feel your vibrations."
   " im not angry"
   " really " ashley said very slowly.
   " im furious!  " he said raising his voice. " those mirrors cost me a small fortune ashley, who wouldn't be?"
   now she knew for sure that he was truly angry , he only called her ashley when something was very very wrong, and like he was now , angry,  or 'furious' as he had said.
   " well , im sorry " she said for what felt like the hundredth time.
" im sorry your doughter is crazy and takes pills because shes a complete maniac,  who sees things that really arent there, and destroys everthing around her for no reason. im sorry." she said with no emotion whatsoever.
   " honey , not at all, your not crazy" he said as relief ran over. finally a sign that his anger had began to fade.
he said honey.
   " or a maniac " he added.
   " and why do I take pills david, there not happy pills." she said " face it dad , im insane."
   " no honey,  your not. your an a-"
   " im nuts."
   " your a wonderful girl, and a gift."
   " a crazy wonderful girl you mean."
   " stop that ashley ."
   " stop what?"
   "talking bad about youself. your a an angelic girl and there is much you dont know about your self darling, but you will soon."
   " more like demonic girl"  she muttered under -her breath lowering her head- so low she suspected he didnt hear. 
   "dad , this time it was different."
   "what was that honey?"
   " this time , the hallucination it was different"
   " how?"
   " I think the pills are losing their effect" she said . " I felt something coming down my head and burst out my fingers."
   " something like what?"
   " like wind "he looked at her with a proud smile , but I was gone so fast she could have imagined it.  she rolled her eyes " I dont know , but didnt you see those mirrors they were shattered to dust. I couldnt have broken them, not  like that I mean." she paused looking confused.
   " this time , the per- thing  it wasnt  trying to hurt me. I think it was like warning me or something .she said powers  and some weird name I cant remember it right now. eldio. forget it, I cant remember what it said."
   " honey , look." he pointed at the gate where people had began to line up to board the plain. " where is your friend we must board , he is terribly late"
   " hes a busy boy." she said " and hes probably buy-" she broke off while her phone rang. " speaking of the devil."
   " ill wait in line."
   " ok." she said as her father stalked away, and ran her finger over the talk icon and brougth the phone uo to her ear." hello."
   " hi, im so so so sorry , im late I know.I just got here, my parents are droping me off uo front."
   " then speed it up a little , no not a little a lot! where about to board , windly!
   "sorry ashley , I think im gonna have to take the next flight."
   " what!" she yelled " no ! you can make it."
   " no I wont , I have to check in my luggage , and go through security , and plus theres a lot of people here."
   " I hate you right now, windly" she regretted what she said emidiatly , why would she tell her one true love she hated him even if she was lieing.
   " what!?" he sounded appalled.
   " I was kidding." she giggled " make sure you get your ass on that flight , rich boy."
   " I will " and she imagined him smile.
   " see you on the other side then."
   " bye."
   " I love you." she said wanting to suck back her words.
  he laughed. " I love you too , watkins . good bye."
   " bye" she took a deep breath , walked foward and met her father at the boarding line.
   " whats with the duck face darling?"
   " he just got to the airport, but hes taking the next  flight ."she said sadly.
   " what? you dont really think hes coming? "
   " I know hes coming" she comfermed. " I just wanted him next to me thats all."
   the wait was not long before they and all the passengers where buckled and in the air. the flight attendants did their gob, showing them all what do in case of emergency. her and her father  remaind speechless .
   " your phone, you must turn it off." said david after that long silence.
  " yeah and im gonna be four hours with no music ." she said in a mater-o-fact tone. " I dont think so" she said , sank her heah on the head rest pluged in her head set and engaged in a search for what song to click on.












        'Dear lord, when I get to heaven Please let me bring my man
When he comes tell me that you'll let him in father tell me if you can
Oh that grace, oh that body Oh that face makes me wanna party
He's my sun, he makes me shine like diamond .'








David tapped at ashleys shoulder impatiently. " hello! , young ladie im speacking to you."
   " what ? sorry. didnt hear you." and waved her headphones in the air. " what were you saying?"
   " i was saying.we're here . the pilots are rounding the island for a gate to empty, gather you stuff."
   " theres nothing to gather."she said as she grabbed at the hem of the window and yanked it wide open.
burning light spat trought the open window blinding ashley for a minute or two. now hwr vizion recovering from its stun , she saw the island , tall buildings,  small houses and roads, on them tiny cars.she seen the shore , the beaches full with miniature people who looked smaller a ant, almost everywhere she saw bushes of green .I was a perfect view , and a perfect painting. she thought to herself.
   " It looks like heat! " she said amused.  " and lots and lots of greens."
   "come again?" he asked
   " there are lots of trees. atleast they look like trees."
   " more then back at ' boston' , you mean . yes there is a bigger number of trees here in PR." he said. his eyes shinny.
   " I completly forgot to ask."
   "ask what darling?"
   " where are we staying?"
   " a old house me and your mother bought before you were born."he said as his features softened with love and tenderness " in fact , you were born in it darling."
   " ew! , really?" she sounded thrilled.  " what happend to emergency rooms, did they exist?" she added " and why was  that?"
he looked frightened again but spoke.
   " ashley im- your mother , she -theres something I need to tell you . you are a -"he droke off relived, as the flight attendants voice ran trought the caban ." please remain seated, we have began our decent to san juan puerto rico , the time being is 1:30 pm. enjoy your stay and thank you once again  for choosing jet blue..."



Ooh!Wow...it's really good!!!!
What is she????!!! Damn you flight attendant...

You shud use Lj-Cut so that the story wont take almost the whoke profile.But I liked it.
Lol ! I know i have been meaning to use it but i would click on it to late but my next post will have an lj-cut...
I like it !!! *o*
and good luck for the next ^^
Thank you. =>